Talent Development Calgary

Here at United Conservatory of Music, we strive to give a sense of purpose to our music students, as well as to add practical applications to the talent and efforts made by them.

That’s why we promote development of musical talent in the following ways:

1. As Students:

Our students connect to music right from the start, through the use of tools, such as:

  • Fun musical experiences that foster assertive practice
  • Improvisation, which allows students to tap on basic creative experiences
  • Harmony and composition, for more knowledgeable development of personal creativity
  • Performing skills, through especially crafted venues
  • Exploration of prospective development within the vast and diverse areas of the music industry

2. As performers:

For students interested in becoming professional stage performers, we offer a complete package to help unleash their true potential:

  • Special performing skills training
  • Our own recording studio for professional demo recordings
  • Our own concert stage to practice on
  • Opportunities to perform in our various music recitals and festivals

3. As teachers:

The United Conservatory of Music, with well over 40 years of experience, has developed an effective training program, aimed at developing relatively young talents. The result? Effective and efficient teachers, with advanced teaching skills and tools, who are especially familiarized with the current needs of young students, and hence will manage to bring out the best in your child.



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