Special Programs


The UCOM Junior Violin Program

The UCOM Junior Violin Program is mainly designed to search and develop fresh talent among children and teenagers and give them a particular sense of practical purpose and direction.  Just opened a couple of months ago and we are already visualizing some ensemble possibilities.  At our Summer Music Festival on July 13, we will feature a special duo presentation for violin and piano of Por Una Cabeza, a tango by Carlos Gardel.

The UCOM Drums & Percussion Program

The UCOM Drums & Percussion Program is designed to offer exploration and discovery of the exciting world of percussion thus promoting young talent in this field as well.  This is also a graded program with official exams and certification of studies.  This program opens this Summer and we will also have a spectacular feature presentation of it withing 30 square meters of percussion instruments all being played on stage at the same time.