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If you’re reading this page about singing lessons, it’s quite possible you’ve also been following the great success of TV shows like American Idol, Glee, The Voice, etc.

If you’d like the opportunity to learn to sing like your favourite stars (pop or classical), our singing lessons, right here in Calgary, are exactly what you need to get started!

We offer programs for every age group.  For adults we even have an exciting and fun new program we call the UCOM Renaissance Singing Program.

So as you can see, regardless of your age, our voice program is a very dynamic, fast-growing, and rewarding experience here at the United Conservatory of Music.

Here you will:

  • Learn the proper singing technique required to sing your favourite music style / songs
  • Develop your voice-tone and vocal range, until your singing voice is flawless
  • Have the opportunity to showcase your talent and new skills in a variety of concerts, recitals, festivals, as well as tours within local, national, and international scopes
  • Have the opportunity to record in our own professional recording studio!

Regarding singing lessons, having a vocal coach just doesn’t cut it if you want solid results in a short period of time.

You also absolutely NEED a solid, challenging and fun learning program, opportunities to showcase what you learn and having an amazing infrastructure.

Call us at (403) 291-2346 to schedule a FREE talent assessment consultation, now!

Also feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding singing lessons. We’re here to help.