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Old Piano by Jiri Hodan

If you’re looking for the best piano lessons in Calgary, look no further!

We offer a FREE talent assessment consultation for you or your child, in order to recommend which way to go:

  • Classical piano lessons, or
  • Pop piano lessons

Our classical piano lessons use the Royal Conservatory graded syllabus as its core curriculum, which is supplemented to suit the student’s particular interests.  Concerts, master classes and festivals give students an opportunity to apply the knowledge they gain in the classroom.  Exams, done independently by the Royal Conservatory, give parents and students feedback on their progress.  In addition, the music school provides instruction in theory: rudiments, harmony, history, counterpoint, and analysis.

Our pop piano lessons use additional materials, which are eventually integrated to provide a survey of modern styles for the student, including: Jazz, Blues, Rock, and Pop.  The popular repertoire, in addition to regular solo presentations at recitals and festivals, gives students opportunities for ensemble work, either with other keyboard instruments, or as part of a band.

Another key aspect of our piano lessons, is pitch development.  Right from early stages of musical development, students are introduced to internalizing music through Solfeggio.  This foundation allows our students to eventually have a wider range of opportunities for the use of their music.

A well structured music program, coupled with the best piano teachers in Calgary, will guarantee you’ll be playing beautiful music in a short period of time.

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Also feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding piano lessons.  We’ll be glad to help you.