Music Theory Calgary

Music Theory Calgary - United Conservatory of MusicIn addition to the students learning how to read music, and how to play their instruments, it is necessary for the students to learn about the fundamentals of music, how it works, and why it works.  It is only then that students start establishing practical connections between music and their self-expressions of original musical ideas.  Eventually, students find themselves not limited to what other composers created.  At least, they do not only rely on just their memory to learn musical selections.

By developing their musical literacy, they are better equipped to understand the particulars of the piece they undertake, and, therefore, eliminate mistakes.  Becoming musically literate goes farther beyond just meeting RCM’s theoretical requirements on the Syllabus.  All this is accomplished by the Music Theory courses offered at United Conservatory of Music.  The different ‘Royal Conservatory’ theory courses offered are:

  • Preliminary Rudiments
  • Grade 1 Rudiments
  • Grade 2 Rudiments
  • Harmony
  • History
  • Counterpoint
  • Analysis
  • Composition

Through these courses, the student will be able to write music correctly and knowledgeably, and will understand what is on the music they are playing with a lot more detail, and precision.  Students are guided into diverse composing opportunities.