Guitar Lessons Calgary

Guitar Lessons Calgary: Acoustic Guitar

Guitar Strings by Petr Kratochvil

The United Conservatory of Music has, for many years, offered world-class guitar lessons in Calgary. Our Guitar Program is very ambitious by offering a complete variety of styles, starting with Classical and Flamenco, and including Rock, Blues, and Jazz, among other styles. Students are exposed to 2 main guitar playing techniques:

1.  With the Classical Technique, you’ll learn:

  • The proper technique required to be able to play guitar effectively
  • The basic finger exercises used to enhance speed and dexterity for both hands
  • How to play notes, chords, and read music

Something very exciting in our guitar lessons, is that students learn to add their own interpretation, which gives them a lot of power over how their music sounds.

2.  With the Plectrum Technique, you’ll learn:

  • How to use a “pick” and develop a proficient “picking technique”
  • The basics of guitar: notes, chords, fingerings, harmonics, etc.
  • To improvise and play amazing solos

As a student, you or your child, will also have ample performance opportunities, including our music festival competition. Guitar students are also able to play in one of the bands at UCOM. Learning a good mix of both techniques, learning how to add your own interpretation to music and having opportunities to play in public, will garantee you’ll be playing great music in no time.

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