About Us

United Conservatory of Music Calgary: Street View

A leading music school in Calgary for over 40 years, the United Conservatory of Music has a long standing reputation for providing students not only world class piano lessons, guitar lessons and singing lessons, but also unique opportunities to grow and learn.  Here at United Conservatory of Music, we firmly believe that the experiences gained throughout childhood essentially mold the people we become.  Through musical experiences, gained especially through piano lessons, students have shown to develop various strengths, such as:

  • An increased reasoning ability, which can give your children an edge in school, especially in Mathematics
  • An increased self-confidence and self-discipline, which in turn affect positively every area of their lives
  • An ability and desire to meet new challenges, by learning the value of friendly competition

We pride ourselves on offering an amazing, personalized, learning experience with some of the most effective and caring music teachers in Calgary, who will guide your child along the way, regardless of the music program you choose:

We have been helping children and adults of all ages achieve their true potential for over 40 years, and currently have over 200 300 very satisfied students (and parents), so you can be sure you’re in the right place!